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Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), is an efficient and cost-effective business model that relies on a network of people to build a business. It is an attractive way for entrepreneurs to create their own successful business by marketing products or services and recruiting new members to join the team. The main idea behind network marketing is that each person involved can earn an honest income not just from his own sales, but also from the sales of the people they recruit in, making it a realistic way to create long term passive income. With its simple structure and low start-up costs, network marketing is an equaliser that allows anyone, regardless of background and qualification, to start an organic business and build it over time into a multi-national network enterprise. While it’s easy to get started, the fact remains that most people do not have prior experience in running a business. Becoming a network entrepreneur requires the right mindset and skillsets to succeed. Therefore, what sets a truly good network marketing organisation apart is whether it offers a comprehensive distributor training and mentorship program. Network marketing is a team sport that thrives on an apprenticeship system of Learn-Do-Teach-Duplicate. That is the very foundation that the Avita Network Marketing business is built on.


“I didn’t have a college degree, I had no business experience. Thanks to Avita, I now have my own network marketing business that provides for my financial independence. I’m grateful to my uplines for their support. I’m also proud of my own hard work and dedication.”
Tan Hui Kiong
Former admin executive


Network marketing offers unlimited earning potential because it allows me to build a team of distributors, who in turn build their own teams, creating exponential growth and multiple income sources beyond the shores of Singapore.
Khoo Guek Cheng
Traditional businesswoman


We live in a highly connected world today. Network marketing allows us to expand our business globally by connecting with friends from different parts of the world and leveraging the power of their network to create an ever expanding network enterprise.
Badette Quiblat
Mompreneur from CDO, Philippines

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Network Marketing Gongfu

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