Market Potential

USD 7 Trillion Global Wellness Economy by 2025

Forecast published in Statista’s latest 2023 report. 

The needs for quality, natural and effective wellness solutions are growing.
Avita is the brand with the Singapore’ brand’s reliability and the Swiss’ quality.

The Baby Boomer Generation is a key demographic for the wellness industry, offering a huge potential market because they control 40% of all wealth and their focus is on how to slow down aging, prevent degenerative diseases, look and feel youthful, stay healthy while living longer. We have just the wellness solutions to meet these demands.

Gen X is the next largest and affluent consumer group that values health and wellness. Most of them are in the height of their careers and desire to stay at peak performance everyday. They prioritise self-care, fitness, and natural remedies, making them a lucrative market for Avita’s products and services. As they age, their focus on longevity and quality of life will only increase, creating even more potential for us.

You’ll inevitably be on the demand side. A better choice is to be on both the demand and supply sides, and that means to be an Avita Network Marketing Entrepreneur.

Wellness Needs and Solutions

Avita products are designed to ride the unstoppable wellness trend of today and tomorrow.

Celergen Swiss Marine Cell Nutrition Supplement

Made in Switzerland, Celergen supports healthy repair, regeneration and renewal of our cells to effectively prevent degenerative illnesses, slow down aging, enhance immunity and maintain overall well-being. Celergen meets the needs of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y the world over.

Celeva Swiss Cell Nutrition Supplement

Made also in Switzerland, Celeva is designed to promote healthy cholesterol balance, vascular and liver health, and to help us shed undesirable visceral fats. Celeva is the perfect preventive care to counter the dangerously growing trends of the 3 Highs.

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